KPCo provides an integrated philosophy -- an entire "knowlecular approach" to your innovation process. And yet, required changes fit into your existing system. By applying our expertise, we'll help you to identify the the 10-20% nudges that will dramatically increase your innovation value, speed, throughput, and responsiveness. At the same time that we help your processes, we help you grow your team to be outstanding -- smart, fast, integrated.


Our expertise includes ...

  • coaching and executing change. For the items below, we don't just write a report and leave! We have expertise in teaching the skills, and guiding the accountability to get the changes you need!

  • simplifying your portfolio. Most companies work on 2 to 5 times too many projects at once. Our expertise in Project Valuation builds on your own expertise to identify the best projects to focus on for customers.

  • reducing recycled work. Work that has to be done over and over -- "recycle" -- is enormously costly. We'll show you how to dramatically reduce your recycle, getting your research all the way to market faster!

  • finding smart questions. Asking a path of critical questions -- the barriers between your ideas and sold products -- is critical to great innovation. We are experts at helping you find the Valuable Questions.

  • avoiding the "bullwhip effect". Disruptions arise constantly. Our expertise in system dynamics enables us to guide you in avoiding major work oscillations -- the "bullwhip effect" -- that increases variation and lowers your average throughput significantly.

  • generating ideas. All the busy-ness of many R&D units chokes off the idea generation and creativity steps!  We'll show you how to get back on track.

  • building your team. Your team is critical. You don't need "heroes", but rather great people who are eager to learn, grow, and work together toward something great. We know how. We have expertise in growing your team members, hiring, promoting, and more.

  • Sprinting to rapid prototypes. Some projects require jump starts! A 1 to 6 week Sprint process can launch your work, cutting total idea-to-product time from years to small months.

  • coaching experts. KPCo works in the technical side of the CPI, not just the business side. We understand reactions, thermodynamics, transport, process control, material science, and more. We are "one of you", and we're eager to help.