What are your team's critical
innovation bottlenecks?
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Faster innovation processes, for pride and profit.

KPCo is an innovation engineering company with expertise in the Chemical Process Industries (CPI). We’ll help you to achieve greater pride and greater profit by improving your innovation speed to commercialization. Improving your speed by even a quarter year can dramatically improve the profitability of your innovation and R&D efforts. The outcome from our work... is that your team will produce innovations of higher value, faster to market, greater throughput, and quicker responsiveness to new opportunities. At the same time, you will find that you have more time to think and create, and less time on emergencies. We'll help you get beyond Stage-Gate style innovation processes, to much higher throughput. We promise faster, more valuable innovation processes starting today.


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Do you want to advance as the smartest innovators in your industry? Better ideas, sharper questions, faster hypothesis testing, valuable results? A greater impact and pride for your team, as well as bigger profit? Contact KPCo today.