Set Visit

To see if KPCo can add value for your innovation processes, just call or email Darrell Velegol to schedule a visit. We believe in value and speed, and the process is often fast — from first contact to results might take just a few weeks.

A typical first visit lasts a day, and it enables us to identify if significant opportunities exist. One possible day is given below. This can be modified to suit your needs. We’ll get all the necessary NDAs signed ahead of time.

PURPOSE of the DAY. Identify if there are bottlenecks in your innovation process that we can nudge, in order to increase the value, speed, throughput, and responsiveness of your “innovation manufacturing”. If there are bottlenecks, the result of this day will be a brief proposal that has a dollarizable outcome.

Our work is especially valuable for new product development or capability development, where uncertainty is high. We aim for >1000% ROI in profits — well beyond usual values — and we also aim to increase the pride of your team, which is very important. Further, we believe that learning parts of the innovation philosophy and processes can help grow careers and gain promotions, even to the highest levels.

AGENDA for the DAY
9:00 Introduction talk for your company (with directors). Vision and strategic goals of your company and your unit.
9:30 Technical talk from Dr. Velegol (e.g., “Chemically-driven Transport”)
10:00 Technical talks from your company. An introduction to 2-4 projects you’d like to discuss.
11:30 Lab tours. Visit to your labs with your technicians and staff.
12:00 Lunch (with team).
1:00 Innovation talk from Dr. Velegol. An intro to the philosophy, processes, and practice of KPCo.
1:30 Discussion of projects. Identify if there are opportunities, especially on 1-2 projects for fast action.
3:30 Summary clarification of the day.
4:00 Finish
6:00 Dinner. Further discussion of opportunities.

If we identify critical bottlenecks in a particular project, we’ll work to frame agreement on the issues and needs during the visit. Then you can expect a brief proposal within 48 hours, which summarizes our discussions and proposes options for moving forward to increase your innovation value, speed, throughput, and responsiveness. First interventions sometimes take as little as 1 week, to start seeing significant changes.



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