KPCo’s mission is to help your company advance as the smartest innovators in your industry. We work with you to increase the speed, value, throughput, and responsiveness of your innovations.

Principles for winning

Working primarily with chemical process industry research and engineering (CPI R&E) units, our expertise improves your innovation processes by focusing on fundamentals. We help you identify and fix bottlenecks that are holding back your innovation flow. Here are the principles that KPCo follows to help you win:

  • Dignity wins. Everyone must be treated with dignity, as “experts speaking to experts”.  Rude ≠ smart.

  • Courage wins. Valuable innovation requires courage to commit, knowing the risks.  Smart ≠ courageous.

  • Trust wins. Communication, loyalty, speed, and risk-taking require trust.  Pushover ≠ trust (and verify).

  • Great teams win. The sum of our diverse expertise >> parts!  Team of great specialists ≠ great team.

  • Fundamentals win. Valuable innovation needs tried-and-true fundamentals.  Esoteric ≠ fundamental.

  • Measurement wins. Innovation processes requires clear lead and lag metrics.  Fuzzy ≠ immeasurable.

  • Experiments win. Lots of experiments make geniuses -- "essayons"! Fast decisions ≠ lots of experiments.

  • Speed wins. Luck follows speed + mobility.  Use JIP-JIT-JRE, not JIC.  Days-weeks, not years.  Slow ≠ quality.

  • Balance wins. Balance time frame, risk level.  Slow  + expensive ≠ rigorous, heroics ≠ victories.

  • Win-win wins. Companies ($), univ (pubs, PhDs), DV ($) grow trust if ALL win.  One-time $ ≠ victory.

  • Fun UX wins. I love Disney World.  I love OCNJ.  If it’s not fun, I’m out.  Stodgy ≠ quality.


About KPCo

KPCo is an innovation engineering company with expertise in the Chemical Process Industries (CPI). We are the thought leaders in designing innovation processes tailored for your team. The outcome from our work... is that your team will produce innovations of higher value, faster to market, great throughput, and more responsive to new opportunities. At the same time, you will find that you have more time to think and create, and less time on emergencies. We'll help you get beyond Stage-Gate style innovation processes, to much higher throughput. We promise faster, more valuable innovation processes starting today.

The founder Dr. Darrell Velegol is a Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering at Penn State University. He is a widely-recognized technical expert in colloidal systems, nanoparticles, and chemically-driven transport. He is also an expert coach and designer of team processes for innovation. KPCo’s distinguishing feature is our philosophy of seeing innovation processes like a chemical factory, which enables quick analysis of your process to identify and fix bottlenecks. We promise faster, more valuable innovation processes starting today.